6 Important Tips For Moving With Senior Citizens

23 December 2019 Contributed by: admin

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We all know how mentally and physically demanding relocation can be.

During a move, our mind may be preoccupied with a hundred things, but the one thing that should always be at the top of our mind is safety.

Now, add to the mix the responsibility of relocating with one or more senior citizens and the entire move will seem more taxing!

When you are moving with a senior citizen, the concern of safety and comfort is challenging.

Aside from arranging and looking after the basic things for relocation like finding a new home, hiring movers and packing your stuff, you should also think about making the move easy for the senior citizens.

Here are a few tips to help you move with ease, even with senior citizens.

6 Tips for Making Move Easy with Senior Citizens

1. Keep Their Medicines Stocked and Handy

When you are moving to a new place that is a few hours away, then it’s best to anticipate and be prepared for any situation.

Make sure to have some of the common ones for headache, nausea, and other similar stuff too. Also, if the senior citizen has any particular health issue, then have those with you too.

Usually, the senior citizens will carry their medicines with themselves. However, you should have some of the important ones with you.

2. Check the New Home for Easy Mobility

If the senior citizen is having a wheelchair or needs some help to walk around the home, then the new house must have all of the required features for their easy mobility around the house. Even if the home doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp, you can install one before you move in.

Some would require handles in the bathroom and their room for the grip. If there are any such specifics they have been used to ensure that the new home is fully equipped with the same facilities.

3. Arrange their New Room for Immediate Occupancy

One thing that is common with most senior citizens is that they get tired easily. Even if you are relocating within the same city, the effort of relocating to the new place will put a mental strain on them.

They would prefer to lie down and take a rest soon after moving into the new location and therefore, it is best if you can go before and get their room ready.

You don’t need to prepare everything in their room. Just the basic stuff like the bed, pillows and toiletries will do.

4. Plan in Advance

Well, you would have heard this a thousand times. Let us tell you again about how important it is for you to start your relocation planning as early as possible, especially when there is a senior citizen banking on you.

Senior citizens generally don’t like a change of place and therefore, you should give them ample time to face the fact that they have to move and live in a new home with new surroundings and new neighbours. When you have decided to move, inform them.

When you have found a new house, let them know. When you have fixed the date of relocation, sit down with them, talk to them and help them deal with this change.

It’s better to make them feel at ease about the move else it is going to be even more difficult for you during the relocation.

5. Avoid Dumping and Scattering Boxes Everywhere

This is especially vital if the senior citizen can walk freely. Not all senior citizens will be lying in bed. They tend to walk around the house a bit and you cannot stop them from doing so.

However, when you are packing, you may have a lot of packing boxes, tape, scissors, bubble wraps and all your other things spread around the home, which is more like a high-probable accident zone for the senior citizens. Some senior citizens may not have proper eyesight or hearing ability, which further makes things harder.

You should be able to keep a close watch on the senior citizens and make sure that they are kept out of harm’s way at all times.

Be about keeping obstacles away from the usual path they walk in or ask them to be in a room for a few hours until you are doing with packing on the common areas.

6. Hire Experienced Movers to Take Care of the Relocation

As a busy person, most of us don’t have the luxury of time to pack our stuff for relocation. With the responsibility of senior citizens, it is almost impossible to spend time tending to the lengthy task of packing all your belongings.

This is where you need to make a wise call and hire some experienced removal company like Bendigo Removalists who will take charge of the relocation of your things. When you have skilled removalists on the job, they will pack all our stuff with suitable packing materials, load them into the trucks and decide the logistics of the move.

Also, when they reach your new home, they will unload the items and even unpack all the big stuff like furniture, refrigerators, sofas, tables, beds and other objects and help you to place them in its designated spot.

This is of an immense advantage when you have senior citizens roaming around the house. Since all the large items are already in place, you will save valuable time and also prevent unwanted accidents with an older person at home.

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