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Move My Stuff is a leading preference for Melbourne customers for house & apartment moving, office moving, office relocations and business deliveries. With several years of experience!

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Melbourne to Sydney House Removalists

When you are planning to move to Sydney, it may be difficult to manage and handle all of the moving jobs by yourself. We simplify the work for you by taking care of packing your total house from Melbourne and transporting it to your new house in Sydney. We also unpack your stuff at your new house and help you in setting it up.

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Melbourne to Sydney Office Removalists

Our removal services provide a comprehensive moving plan when you want to move your whole office out of Melbourne. We make sure that all your office furniture and important official items are properly packaged with waterproof materials and we unpack all the goods when we reach Sydney and help you out in setting your new office.

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Melbourne to Sydney Furniture Removalists

If you are worried about the safety of your grandfather’s armchair when moving it from Melbourne, you can always come to us and make use of our reliable services to move all your furniture without a single dent or a scratch to Sydney. Our packers and movers and fully equipped to pack and move any kind of furniture safely and you can rely on us completely for moving your furniture.

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Melbourne to Sydney Removals Pricing

It is always everyone’s dream to get the best possible services at the lowest possible price and we make it happen for you. We provide one of the most affordable removal services with the same level of quality as any pricey movers would charge. With complete protection during transportation and a sound packing, this is one of the best removal services you can ever find.

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Melbourne to Sydney Backloading

One of the cheapest options available to move to Sydney from Melbourne is by backloading. Through backloading, you can send in your goods along with other’s items that are travelling on the same route with complete security and good packaging and it will be delivered to your location at much lesser cost than what will be charged when you choose a separate truck for yourself.

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Melbourne to Sydney Business Moving

Do you have any business that needs to be moved to Sydney? Make use of our services to move not only your office but also your inventories and any other business materials that you have stored. We offer an affordable and customized package for business moving and you can get separate trucks allocated for moving your business out of Melbourne.

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Melbourne to Sydney Storage Solution

Do you want any storage services when you are moving out of Melbourne? At Move My Stuff, we provide storage areas with complete security where you can store your things when moving for a few days or for a few months. You can trust us and rent our storage facilities and leave your things under our protection.

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Melbourne to Sydney Quality Assurance

We take quality very seriously. We make sure that all the services we provide, no matter if it is a small job or a huge one, is given the same attention and care. Our removalists have been trained to be highly efficient in carrying out the job and we always keep our first preference as keeping your goods safe by providing the best quality services for you.

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Melbourne to Sydney Insurance

At Move My Stuff Removal Services, you can insure all your goods directly from us without the need of intervention from any third party services. We are accredited to provide a comprehensive insurance plan which will cover the insurance for all the transportation and the storage facilities too. Our removalists make sure that there is no harm done to any of your goods, but in the rare chance that it happens, you will be covered under insurance.

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Trained Removalists Melbourne to Sydney

When it comes to perfect packing and hassle-free moving, our packers and movers are the best in Australia. Every one of our removalists has been trained to handle all your things with extreme care. Our removalists are highly experienced to provide the best services that will fulfill all your requirements by putting your needs first.

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Door to Door Melbourne to Sydney Movers

Are you worried about packing and taking care of all the moving jobs by yourself? With Move My Stuff removalists, you can relax and make use of your express removal services by letting us take care of all the packaging and the transportation including the logistics and deliver your things right at the doorstep of your new home at Sydney.

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Melbourne to Sydney Removal Checklist

When you are moving long distance from Melbourne to Sydney, you are bound to forget and leave out any important step needed for a comfortable move. Hence to help you perform all the essentials for your move to Sydney, we provide a removal checklist which contains everything that you need to remember and do before moving out of Melbourne. Download our checklist here

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Move My Stuff

Your Chosen Melbourne to Sydney Removalist

If you are planning to move your home or office to Melbourne from Sydney, Move My Stuff is the best removalist to choose as it provides affordable removal services that cater to all your needs. Pioneers in delivering your furniture safe and secure, we pride ourselves in moving your furniture and goods efficiently in the shortest time possible. Our professional movers have handled every type of situation in transporting the goods and therefore, you can feel safe in sending all your goods under our responsibility. We provide self-loading and self-unloading services to help you move with utmost ease.

When you hire us for your removal services, you won’t need to do any packing or moving work of any kind. We take full responsibility of packing all your items efficiently with special packing materials brought in especially to handle all your valuables. Our packers know well about using the right type of packing material according to the type of goods. We provide flawless packing service which also includes include unpacking when we reach your new home in Sydney. We help to unpack your things and arrange them properly so that you would not feel the burden of moving to a new location. We also provide advice in helping you facilitate your move from the start to the finish.



Due to our high-quality services, we help a lot of people on a daily basis to facilitate their move positioning us as the top choice for Melbourne to Sydney removal services. As we serve a large volume of people, we are able to provide high-quality services at lower costs than many of our competitors. If you want to know more details about the price estimates before hiring us, we can provide you with a free estimate by taking into accounts about all your requirements.


If you are sceptic about giving the responsibility of moving all your furniture and goods to us, you call always call us and get all your questions clarified. Our impeccable customer service will provide you with all the information regarding the packing and moving and we will be ready to answer all your questions. We are pretty straightforward in informing you about the kind of services that will be included in the estimate so that you can make an informed decision. We can help you make a decision regarding your requirements and your budget; you can either go for hiring your own truck or choose the backloading options if you are looking for a more affordable relocation service.

Stress Free

Melbourne to Sydney Removalists

When it is time for you to move to a new location, you will be enthusiastic and excited about the new stage in your life. But when the reality strikes, you will be faced with the heavy responsibility of moving your whole life to a new unknown location and that’s when all the worry sets in. But with Move My Stuff removal services, you don’t need to worry and can retain the enthusiasm of moving to a new place intact and let us worry about moving all your stuff to the new place.


We will help you to have a complete stress free move by relieving you of all the responsibilities. We make it our mission to facilitate a safe and hassle-free move to your new place by ensuring that you wouldn’t be burdened by the job of moving at any point. We will be there with you at every stage of the move assisting you, supporting you and providing you with all the help you need with the move. Our packers perform all the packing by themselves while you can just sit and relax. Our movers coordinate with the packers and load all your packed stuff carefully into the truck that has strong protective measures in place. Our removalists take extreme caution during the transportation and unload it safely in your destination location at Sydney. We provide an end-to-end safe move from Melbourne to your home at Sydney without stressing you out at any point.

Moving from Melbourne to Sydney – How Long Will It Take

We can typically arrange a move the same day from Melbourne. However if you give us 1-2 days notice it will give us some time to plan your move. Melbourne to Sydney journey is overnight and takes maximum two days to reach your destination.

Efficient packing of your things is instrumental in favouring towards protecting your stuff at any costs. While the heavy packaging of your stuff usually takes a lot of time, our experienced packers have performed hundreds of such jobs and are well aware and knowledgeable about the right approach to packing the goods and furniture efficiently and quickly. From antique furniture to designer items, they take extra care with specially made packing materials to prevent any risk from damage during the transportation or loading. A complete and airtight packaging is what gives a good start to the move and our packers make sure to save as much time as possible with the packaging.

Our removalists are well-versed in logistics and they take all measures to deliver your stuff within the estimated time. At Move My Stuff, we can also arrange for storing your things temporarily in a storage place until you get things sorted out in your new location until the delivery to your permanent home. If you want to make your move to Sydney soon, our team will provide a comfortable relocation at affordable rates.

When you think about hiring movers for your move from Melbourne to Sydney, look no more! Hire us now for a cheap, top-rated relocation experience to move your stuff in the blink of an eye!

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Information Melbourne to Sydney

If you are moving from the hip hop city of Melbourne to Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, then you will have to take the National Highway M31 and travel for around 900 km. This shortest route will take you around 9 hours to travel and you can reach the harbor city of Australia, Sydney. You will most probably be grazing through the capital of Australia, Canberra on the route. You can also take a little detour and have a night rest at Canberra too. Sydney is known for its vast harbor due to which a lot of trades happen in Australia. The iconic city of Sydney has a welcoming atmosphere and a place for every type of personality to make their home. There are a lot of industrial places in Sydney and it has the right combination of modernism and quaint old tradition that makes it one of the best places to live in.


Move My Stuff is a leading preference for Melbourne customers for house & apartment moving, office moving, office relocations and business deliveries.

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