Interstate Business Service

Interstate Business - Move My Stuff To Another State

When it comes to moving commercial premises from one state to another, Move My Stuff understands that the volume of work you need to go through and the safety aspects to keep in mind might prove to be arduous. Many of the important office supplies shouldn’t get lost or misplaced during your move and valuable office appliances shouldn’t be damaged.

The stress of moving your office to a new location can be huge, no matter if you are moving to the next building or to another city. That’s the reason Move My Stuff offers a comprehensive, trustworthy service for relocating commercial places with complete safety and at ease.

From packing important files to your computers and printers, our removalists know how to take care of your things. We come up with a solid strategy to relocate your things and we make sure to stick to it at any cost. You don’t need to ask anyone to help you out with the relocation; just ask us and we will make it happen for you!


Interference-Free Relocation

One of the major headaches while relocating your office is the loss of work that happens in the period. We do our best to make sure that there is minimum interference in your work due to the relocation and make the move happen as fast as we can.

Our team of removalists is highly skilled and well equipped to make your taxing move seem easy! Since our removalists have been with us for a long time, they can guide you and provide suggestions to further ease your burdens. We can make the relocation happen over the weekends too so that by the next weekday, you would be working from your new office!

Do you want a relocation that doesn’t disrupt your normal office working? Give us a call and we will tell you how we can get it done!


Expert Team for Your Assistance

We have an expert team who will guide you and create the right process flow for your relocation. If you have any particular requirements during your relocation, our experts will work hard to get your needs fulfilled.


Warehouses and Storage Facilities

You can store your things for a while in our secure storage facility without any worries about the safety. We are one of the largest chains of removalists in Australia and therefore, we have our storage facilities in all major cities in the country. Your goods can be stored in our facilities for either short-term or long-term with complete 24-hour protection and constant monitoring through CCTV cameras.


Packing and Unpacking Facilities

As much as packing is a tiring task, unpacking is equally a difficult one. Our removalists will relieve that stress off you as they will unpack all your things and even go a step ahead to help you arrange it in your new official location!


Caring and Responsive Customer Service

If you need any clarifications regarding our services, our customer service personnel can help you with it. All the customer service numbers are manned by our own staffs and therefore, you get to know what we really do and how we do it! As we are available 24 hours all throughout the week, you can also call us any time to get information about your goods in transit.