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Relocation is sometimes imperative to enjoy new beginnings. Maybe it will open the door to unlimited possibilities and happiness. We, at Move My Stuff pride ourselves in making the transition as smooth as possible.

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Canberra to Adelaide House Removalists

Your move from the enchanting capital city of Canberra to the cosmopolitan coastal capital of Adelaide, is exiting. There are lots of things to take care of, and burdened with the worry of ensuring a safe packing and transportation of your valuables is something you can do without. Our specialist team ensures a stress free relocation. We are with you, right from packing your valuables for safe transfer, transporting them in our state of the art trucks, and making sure the new abode is transformed in no time, with all your possessions arranged aesthetically.

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Canberra to Adelaide Office Removalists

Your office relocation is a challenge we accept with enthusiasm. We have designed bespoke service plans to ensure there is minimal interference in your work. We understand it is an arduous task to shift office premises, and we are with you every step of the way to smoothen the process. From packing important files to ensuring protective packing of equipments, we do it with precision. Our expert team provides amiable service, while guiding you methodically. Time management is our flair.

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Canberra to Adelaide Furniture Removalists

Lifting and moving furnitures is an arduos task best left to our trained professionals. All items of furniture are packed in protective wrappers, and skillfully maneuvered to the transit truck. The larger items are dismantled for ease, and fragile items are given special care. All lifting and arranging is done with careful precision. We also unload, and arrange them in your new abode. Our experts are amiable, and always ready to assist you with queries and suggestions.

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Canberra to Adelaide Removals Pricing

MoveMyStuff-Interstate has an efficient service motto, and strives to deliver bespoke solutions to meet your individual preferences. Total transparency in pricing is our guarantee. Interstate taxes and levies are incorporated into the final price, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Our service packages start at $2500, and we assure you a total peace of mind.

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Canberra to Adelaide Backloading

If you have very light load to move, backloading is a cost effective solution. This just means, your possessions will be transported in a truck performing another job simultaneously. Our Removalists pack your belongings with care, and draw an itemised list once loaded, to make sure the right items are delivered to the right place. The same level of precision and care is rendered to all the valuables in the truck.

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Canberra to Adelaide Business Movers

Any business has a prospect of expanding, and multiple locations might be on the cards for dynamic growth potential. Establishing a symmetry and seamless networking between different branches, is a major burden any business faces. This is where we step in. We transport valuables between your Canberra and Adelaide branches or warehouses on a contractual basis. Our professionals provide regular pick up and delivery, and ensure the items are moved with perfect precision and on time.

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Canberra to Adelaide Storage Solution

We understand the need for utmost care with regards to your treasured possessions during relocation. We aim to ensure that you keep cherishing them to eternity. Our storage solutions are designed to put your mind at ease. Our team makes sure that each and every item is secured with perfectly curated bespoke packaging - be it heavy duty plastic wrappers or special storage boxes for fragile items. They are loaded into our reinforced steel storage containers in a seamless way, and it is parked in our secure storage bay, which is monitored with 24 hour CCTV and fire prevention systems. Your valuables can be stored in Canberra or Adelaide, as per your requirements. Whenever and wherever you need them delivered, we are just a call away.

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Canberra to Adelaide Quality Assurance

The promise to you is honesty and integrity. We realise how stressful relocation can be. Hence, our vision is to ensure a trustworthy service to fulfill your expectations. We give 100% guarantee of a safe and timely move, coupled with transparent communication. We ensure neat packaging, careful transfer and perfect delivery. We offer a comprehensive service at short notice! Let our friendly experts help ease your burden.

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Canberra to Adelaide Insurance

The concern about safe moving of your valuables is a worrisome byproduct when you relocate. We take utmost care in packing, handling and delivering your valuables. In case of unexpected eventualities, our public liability insurance ensures ultimate peace of mind for you. In case of any queries regarding insurance, our experts are always ready to guide you.

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Trained Removalists Canberra to Adelaide

We take special care in selecting our removalists. They carry an in depth knowledge on even nuances of packaging, moving, shipping and logistics. They are highly trained, and ensure your treasured possessions get the royal treatment it deserves. They possess an extensive knowledge base about various steps in the relocation process, and are an epitome of dynamic efficiency.

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Door to Door Canberra to Adelaide Movers

You can feel right at home in the new abode, when you choose our door to door moving package. Our trained experts will pack all your treasured possessions with care, take care of all aspects of transit and unpack them in your new abode. You can handover the responsibility of taking care of your valuables to us, and look forward to the new chapter in your life.

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Canberra to Adelaide Removal Checklist

When relocation is in the cards, start planning ahead of time to ensure everything is taken care of effectively. Secure all your medical reports and files first. Sort through your
valuables methodically, and decide what needs to be moved to the new place. Once this is done, give us a call. We would be able to assist you with a removal plan to best suit your requirements. We will ensure everything moves smoothly, and you have a hassle free relocation experience.

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Move My Stuff

Your Chosen Canberra to Adelaide Removalist

Relocation opens a new chapter in your life, and it comes with its own set of challenges. There are a lot of things to be taken care of, the major one being moving your treasured valuables to the new place in pristine condition. Entrusting your possessions to someone else is not an easy task, but when it comes to moving interstate, it becomes inevitable to trust a professional removalist. This is where Move My Stuff steps in.

Started in 2007, with a vision to make relocation a hassle-free experience, Move My Stuff has become the prime preference for many in Melbourne. We have assisted lots of people with their move, and our impeccable care and service have made us a household name in the community. We tailor bespoke solutions to suit individual requirements, and there are transparency and approachability in every step.

Our team of packers and movers are with us from inception and trained to the highest standards. They make sure that your valuables get the royal treatment it deserves. Majority of our professional experts have an experience of more than 25 years, and they are well equipped to handle any niggles or complications during the moving process. Obliging, flexible and respectful, they will arrive on time, and get the job done with minimum interference and an amiable attitude.

We have a range of vehicles in our fleet, to suit the varied requirements of valuables that need to be moved. If you have minimal amount of possessions to be moved, we offer a cost-effective backloading option. All our fleets are endowed with tracking and monitoring system, and our in-house software system makes all information available, as and when it is required.

We also offer interim and general storage facilities and extend the highest level of care and protection to your valuables. Trust us! We endeavour to make relocation a carefree experience.



At Move My Stuff, our prime focus is on quality of care and perfect pricing plans. We tailor bespoke service packages to suit individual requirements, and the best part is the competitive pricing.


The process starts with an initial phone call or a home visit, for us to understand the volume of possessions to be moved. Our experts assess your requirements after consulting with you. Once your requirements are incorporated into a service package, we quote you a price that is all inclusive of taxes and fuel levies. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Total transparency is our guarantee.


We have special packages for business removal, or moving valuables between various branches or warehouses, on a contractual basis.


We take utmost care to ensure impeccable packing, transporting and delivery. Whatever the pricing plan, our service is consistently geared towards dynamic efficiency. Trust us for smooth relocation at efficient pricing! We make the process hassle free!

Stress Free

Canberra to Adelaide Removalists

Trust Move My Stuff, we promise to assist for a smooth move. We perfectly understand the need for a dynamic planning when it comes to relocation, and tailor our services keeping your requirements as a prerogative.


Your valuables carry an intrinsic value and need the best care possible. Trust us! We take personalised care to ensure that you keep cherishing them to eternity. Our team of trained professionals handle the removal with perfect precision and care, and they are amiably focussed to put your mind at ease.


Our professional removalists arrive well before time, organise your packing with proper planning, take care of lifting and loading heavy furnitures and fittings. Special care is extended to fragile items, and they are encased in protective wrapping and loaded with care. We are just a call away for any queries, and we would be updating you on the progress on a regular basis.


We offer competitive pricing inclusive of taxes and levies, and there are no hidden charges to stress about. What you agree in the beginning, is what you will be paying.


In case you need interim storage for your treasured possessions till you get your new abode sorted to suit you, we would be happy to devise a storage plan, to secure them in our storage bay, manned with state of art technology.


Relocation is a stressful experience as it is, and we endeavor to reduce major part of the burden by taking care of your house move.

Moving from Canberra to Adelaide - How long will it take?

Move My Stuff is founded on the principles of precision and efficiency. We will take care of packing, moving, unpacking and storage.


Moving from Canberra to one of the largest metropolitan cities in Australia, Adelaide, is an exhilarating experience. Hire us for your moving needs, and enjoy the special moment.


The time it would take to move depends on the volume of valuables to be moved. It is a good idea to start preparing for your move a few weeks in advance. Preemptive planning would make the relocation experience pleasent.


We try to move your valuables as fast as we can, to make sure your new abode is converted into a warm living space in no time. We do the services in 24 hours in case of advance notice. In any case, we would accomplish the move in 2-3 days maximum.


Our professional team is highly equipped to manage the move with minimal interference to you. We have a range of serviced vehicles in our fleet. So, we facilitate your move with perfect efficiency.

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Information Canberra to Adelaide

Relocating to Adelaide is bound to open the door to unlimited possibilities and enjoyment.


Adelaide is a coastal beauty flaunting lush parklands and quaint art galleries. This colourful city is an enticing medley of cultures, flavours and entertainment. The botanical gardens are renowned for exotic species of flora and fauna, and the enthralling beach is perfect for relaxation.


There are 2 routes to choose from.


One is via Wagga Wagga, Balrnald and Westwards. There is a more scenic route through coastal areas, if you like to make a holiday out of the relocation trip!


Whichever route you pick, you are sure to enjoy, as you have entrusted your treasured possessions to Move My Stuff!


Move My Stuff is a leading preference for Melbourne customers for house & apartment moving, office moving, office relocations and business deliveries.

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