35 Ultimate Tips on Moving House (Smart Packing)

10 November 2018 Contributed by: admin

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Worried about moving house? It is understandable.


A house is an emotional piece of architecture, and moving to a new abode is the most difficult phase of relocation.


Proactive approach and well thought out house moving tips and checklists will ease the burden.


Move My Stuff has evolved into a household name over the past decade, having successfully handled the move of over 1,08,000 families.


Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of technicalities of handling a move.


We have composed comprehensive tips on moving house with emphatic insights.


Special focus is on packing tips, as your valuables carry an intrinsic emotional value and need utmost care.


Given below are some house moving tips and tricks to organise, pack, and move smartly.


Tips On Moving House In An Organized Manner:




  1. Create a moving checklist
Creating a house moving checklist with things you need to do at least six weeks prior to the moving date will help you enormously. If you often forget things when under stress, creating a checklist is mandatory as moving is a stressful period and you do not want to miss even the slightest of detail. Include the payments that you need to make before the move. One of the common fees is the bond, a one-time fee for incoming tenants. As the price is quite high, consider getting quick cash from bond loans Queensland or in other parts of Australia.
  1. Create a moving kit
Buy all the moving and packing equipment ready to avoid any last minute inconvenience. Equip yourself with necessary items such as packing tapes, coloured paper for labelling, marker, scissors, and Stanley knife.
  1. Gather boxes
Gather moving boxes way before beginning to packing. You can get free boxes from liquor stores, medical stores, libraries, hardware stores or even from a neighbour who just moved in. These boxes are very strong, and you can save on the cost of buying moving boxes.
  1. Declutter your belongings
If you find things that you no longer use or cannot be used anymore, take this opportunity to declutter them. Also, if you see stuff which is still in good condition but not beneficial to you, plan to either donate them or organize a sale to earn from it. You will save a lot of money on moving these unnecessary items.
  1. Use colour codes for labelling
This is one of the most efficient ways to organize your moving boxes and save a lot of time figuring out the contents of each box and which room they belong to. Colour code the boxes to easily identify which room they belong to.
  1. Number each box and maintain a catalogue
Number each box while labelling them and maintain a catalogue with the serial number of the box, the room it belongs to, and its contents. This way you get to know the total number of boxes you have and if any box went missing during the move.
  1. Place screws in a zip lock bag
doing so soon after removing the screws from the items and taping them to its piece of furniture helps you locate it effortlessly and identify where it comes from.
  1. Tape the cables to the electronics
This prevents confusion as to what cable belongs where. Consider sticking it to the base to avoid any sticky marks.


Moving House Tips For Packing:




  1. Pack one room at a time
This reduces the stress and helps you pack in an organized manner.
  1. Start from the kitchen
You can start packing the place or things you use the least such a valuable dinner set. Since you use them once in a blue moon, it is ideal to start packing from the kitchen.
  1. Do the living room last
This ensures you have a comfy pale to sit till the end.
  1. Don’t leave any packing for the moving day
Removalists don’t take long to pack and move everything so have everything ready the night before the move.


Moving House Tips On The Best Way To Pack:




  1. Packing jewellery
Cling wrap every jewellery separately and lay the wrapped jewellery onto a bath towel. Fold over each edge and roll up the towel carefully. This way you can prevent jewellery from tangling.
  1. Packing fragile kitchenware
Use linen such as sheets, doonas, blankets, towels, and clothes to wrap fragile items. They provide substantial protection to any breakable. You can even consider wrapping the glasses with socks. Not only is this cost efficient as compared to investing in bubble wraps, but linen is also readily available and provides the same safety features to your breakable items.
  1. Packing plates
In addition to the packing the plates with linen, you can provide extra protection to your dishes by placing plastic plates between them.
  1. Packing fragile decorative
Just as with the case of breakable kitchenware, you can wrap your fragile decorative items like frames and showpieces in linen. Use cushions, stuffed toys, and pillows to provide padding and extra protection.
  1. Packing clothes
Don’t take clothes off their hangers. Ziplock all the hangers together and sue a bin liner to wrap all the dresses. This saves a lot of time and effort in folding them.
  1. Packing items containing liquid
Use cling wrap to avoid spills and leaks from items such a shampoos and oil bottles.


How Do You Pack Boxes For Moving?




  1. Start filling the box with heavy items
Load all the heavy things at the bottom of the box and place all the lighter ones on top. This way you can protect your light and breakable items from getting crushed or damaged.
  1. Keep it light
Don’t make the boxes too heavy to avoid the bottom from breaking away. If there are considerable spaces in the box, you can fill it up with light objects.
  1. Label all the sides and top of the moving box
As much labelling each box is essential, labelling all the sides and top of the box is equally important. It helps you to identify its contents once stacked without shuffling it around easily. Make sure that you do not mention any precious item on the label.


How To Make Moving Easier?




  1. Start planning well in advance
Do not wait for the last minute as you will defiantly mess up everything and incur a lot of unnecessary stress which could have been avoided.
  1. Avoid moving in the summer
Since it is the warmest, it is the worst time to move. Moreover, it is the busiest time in the moving industry, and thus the costliest season.
  1. Get your new house cleaned in advance
To avoid any hassle, get your new place cleaned by a residential cleaning company before moving in. This way your new home will be clean and ready to move into by moving day.
  1. Book a removalist
Removalists are people who specialize in packing and moving and thus aid in an organized and stress-free move. Book your removalist well in advance as you might miss the opportunity of hiring the best removalists in Melbourne by someone who just hired them before you could.
  1. Deal with admin tasks well in advance
Change the mail address and deal with all the concerning utilities in advance.
  1. Click pictures
Take pictures of display cabinets to help you organize it at your new house. Also, take photos of electronic cables to help you reconnect them easily.
  1. Use up any perishable food
You can even give it away to avoid the inconvenience caused of moving it too.
  1. Place heavy items in suitcases
Place heavy items such books in suitcases and easily roll them while moving.
  1. Reserve a parking space for movers
This saves the additional money movers charge to prepare space for parking.
  1. Hire a babysitter
Arrange for a sitter to take care of your kids and pets to avoid confusion and injuries.
  1. Take your pets to the vet
Make sure that your pets are in a condition to move by consulting a vet.
  1. Take two days off from work
Do so well in advance to ensure leaves for at least two days prior to your moving date.
  1. Pack a separate bag of valuables
You must carry it along with you, and it must contain all valuables such as laptops, documents, phones, and charges.
  1. Pack a bag of essentials
You will need it (change of clothes, cutlery, and towels) for your first night in the new house.
  1. Take all the contacts ready
Keep all the contacts of the movers and drivers prepared in case of emergency.


These are some tips for moving house without stressing a lot.


Remember to keep a calm mind to get things done efficiently.


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