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House Moving & Office Relocations

As the largest city on the Brisbane river, the art central Brisbane is a picturesque place to move to. That said, relocation is not an easy decision. We, at Move My Stuff pride ourselves in making the transition as smooth as possible.

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Newcastle to Brisbane House Removalists

Moving from the sun drenched beaches of Newcastle, to the art precinct Brisbane, is a captivating experience. We help you accomplish a hassle free move. Our specialist team are with you, every step of the way. We take charge right from packing your valuables for safe transfer, transporting them in our state of the art trucks, and making sure the new abode is transformed in no time, with all your possessions arranged aesthetically.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Office Removalists

Time management and well tailored expert service, are the crux of our solutions for office move. We make sure there is minimal interference to your work, amidst the chaos of relocating. From packing important files to ensuring protective packing of equipments, we do it with precision. Our expert team provides amiable service.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Furniture Removalists

The valuables that rank high in the care stakes during relocating, are the furnitures and fixtures. They need to be managed efficiently, and getting them to the new place in pristine condition is a major worry during relocation. Our professionals are trained to accomplish this task with effortless ease. All items of furniture are packed in protective wrappers, and skillfully maneuvered to the transit truck. The larger items are dismantled for ease, and fragile items are given special care. All lifting and arranging is done
with careful precision. We also unload, and arrange them in your new abode. Our experts are always ready to assist you with queries and suggestions, with a cheery disposition.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Removals Pricing

Move My Stuff pays special attention to understand your moving need with intricate analysis, and paves the way for relocating at an affordable budget. Each service plan is tailored after incorporating your preferences and requirements. In addition to this, we also provide a total transparency in pricing.Interstate taxes and levies are incorporated into the final price, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Our service packages are designed keeping your satisfaction in mind.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Backloading

We assist you with planning your move with well thought out checklist, and take proactive steps to assist you efficiently. Backloading is cost effective when you have lesser volume of possessions to be moved. This just means, your possessions will be transported in a truck performing another job simultaneously. We will guide you to get the time schedule for pick up. Our Removalists pack your belongings with care, and draw an itemised list once loaded, to make sure the right items are delivered to the right place.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Business Movers

For business moves, our service plans are tailored keeping in mind the fast paced business precinct, and logistics. We perfectly get that businesses with multiple locations need a balanced approach to establish a symmetry and seamless networking between different branches. We transport valuables between your Newcastle and Brisbane branches, or warehouses on a contractual basis. Our professionals keep you updated every step of the way.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Storage Solution

We handle your treasured valuables with utmost care and precision, during the process of moving. Our team makes sure that each and every item is tended to with apt care, with suitably curated storage solutions. All your valuables are loaded into our reinforced steel containers in a seamless way, and it is parked in our secure storage bay, which is monitored with 24 hour CCTV and fire prevention systems. Your valuables can be stored in Newcastle or Brisbane, as per your requirements. Whenever and wherever you need them delivered, we accomplish that fast.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Quality Assurance

Dedicated service with amiable attitude, is what we aim for. Right from first point of contact, to tailoring bespoke solutions, we ensure a trustworthy service. We give 100% assurance of a safe and timely move, coupled with transparent communication. We ensure neat packaging, careful transfer and perfect delivery.Let our friendly experts help ease your burden.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Insurance

Despite the quality of care extended, loss or damage to your valuables, is still a worrisome prospect during relocation. We take utmost care in packing, handling and delivering your valuables. In case of unexpected eventualities, our public liability insurance ensures ultimate peace of mind for you. In case of any queries regarding insurance, our experts are always ready to assist you.

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Trained Removalists Newcastle to Brisbane

We are one step ahead in all arenas of relocation needs. The focus of Move My Stuff rests on the core principles of honest approach, and dedicated service. Our experts are highly trained to smoothen the process of relocating. They are adept at packaging,moving, shipping and logistics. They are amiable, and assist you with all queries and decisions.

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Door to Door Newcastle to Brisbane Movers

Moving to a new place is going to be a significant change, and we take proactive steps to transform your new abode into a warm living space in no time, with our door to door moving package. Our experts will pack all your treasured possessions with care, take care of all aspects of moving them for transport, and unpack them in your new abode. You can handover the responsibility of taking care of your valuables to us, and look forward to the new chapter in your life.

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Newcastle to Brisbane Removal Checklist

To move seamlessly, relocation with proactive planning is the way to go. It is better to make a checklist, and follow through meticulously. Secure all your documents, and start sorting through your valuables methodically. This will help you decide on what needs to be moved to the new place. Once this is done, give us a call. We would be able to assist you with a removal plan to best suit your requirements. We will ensure, that you have a hassle free relocation experience.

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Comprehensive, yet affordable service plans are our strength, and our trained removalists can guide you efficiently in all nuances of relocation needs. At Move My Stuff, our focus is on tailoring an effective service plan to suit your requirement at competitive costing.


The process starts with an initial phone call or a home visit, for us to understand the volume of possessions to be moved. Our experts assess your requirements after consulting with you. Once your requirements are incorporated into a service package, we quote you a price that is all inclusive of taxes and fuel levies. There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Total transparency is our guarantee.


We have special packages for business removal, or moving valuables between various branches or warehouses, on a contractual basis.


We take utmost care to ensure impeccable packing, transporting and delivery. Whatever the pricing plan, our service is consistently geared towards dynamic efficiency. Trust us for smooth relocation at efficient pricing! We make the process hassle free!

Information Newcastle to Brisbane

Hiding in its depths, beautiful creative spaces, riverside gardens and man made beaches, Brisbane is a lively dynamic city. With an idyllic subtropical weather all year around, Brisbane has lots of adventurous activities and scenic getaways.


It takes close to 9 hours to drive to Brisbane via Forster, Angourie, Byron Bay and Gold Coast.


Whichever route you pick, you are sure to enjoy, as you have entrusted your treasured possessions to Move My Stuff!