Flower Delivery Tips for a Smooth Move: From Perth to Sydney and Beyond

07 June 2024 Contributed by: admin

Relocating from Perth to Sydney, or anywhere else, is a significant task that involves meticulous planning and coordination.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of packing and moving, ensuring your flower delivery from Perth arrives fresh and vibrant can be challenging.

Whether you’re moving for work, family, or a new adventure, here’s how to make sure your floral arrangements transition smoothly and brighten up your new home.

Plan for a Seamless Flower Delivery


1. Schedule Early

Booking your flower delivery in advance ensures you get the best service and availability. Contact your florist at least two weeks before your move. This allows time to discuss your preferences and any special requirements.

2. Choose the Right Florist



Research and select a florist experienced in long-distance deliveries. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations. A reputable florist, specializing in flower delivery will know how to handle the logistics of delivering flowers over long distances, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

3. Opt for Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are more likely to be fresh and durable. They are typically more readily available and can withstand the journey better than out-of-season blooms. Your florist can guide you on the best seasonal options.

4. Understand the Delivery Process

Discuss the delivery process with your florist. Make sure they use a reliable courier service that handles flowers with care. Some florists offer climate-controlled delivery options, which can be crucial for maintaining the freshness of your flowers during a long journey.


Preparing Your Flowers for the Move


1. Proper Packaging

Proper packaging is essential to protect your flowers during transit. Florists use special boxes and materials to keep flowers hydrated and secure. Ask about their packaging methods and ensure they use high-quality materials.

2. Hydration

Flowers need to stay hydrated during the move. Florists often use water tubes or floral foam to keep the stems moist. For longer distances, some may use hydration packs that slowly release water.

3. Temperature Control

Temperature fluctuations can harm flowers. Make sure your florist understands the climate conditions during transit and uses appropriate methods to control the temperature, such as insulated boxes or refrigerated delivery trucks.

4. Timing is Key

Timing the delivery is crucial. Aim for your flowers to arrive shortly before or after you do. This minimizes the time they spend in transit and ensures they’re fresh for your arrival.


On Arrival: Ensuring Your Flowers Thrive


1. Unpack Immediately

As soon as your flowers arrive, unpack them carefully. Remove any packaging materials and trim the stems. Place them in water immediately to rehydrate.

2. Proper Care



Follow your florist’s care instructions. Typically, this involves changing the water regularly, keeping the flowers in a cool spot, and away from direct sunlight and drafts.

3. Use Flower Food

If provided, use the flower food sachet that came with your delivery. It contains nutrients to help your flowers last longer. Mix it according to the instructions and add it to the water.


Additional Tips for a Smooth Move with Flowers


1. Communicate with Your Florist



Keep an open line of communication with your florist. Provide them with all necessary details, including your new address and any access instructions for the delivery location.

2. Consider Alternative Delivery Options

If your move involves multiple stops or a complex itinerary, consider having your flowers delivered to a friend, family member, or neighbor who can keep them until you’re ready.

3. Backup Plan

Have a backup plan in case of delays. This could involve having a trusted friend or neighbor ready to receive the flowers and care for them until you arrive.

4. Insurance

Check if the florist offers insurance for the delivery. This can provide peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.




Moving from Perth to Sydney doesn’t mean you have to forego the beauty of fresh flowers. With proper planning and the right florist, your flowers can make the journey just as smooth as you do. Follow these tips to ensure your floral arrangements arrive vibrant and fresh, ready to brighten your new home.

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