Space-Saving Storage Ideas for a DIY Van Conversion

28 April 2022 Contributed by: admin

When you live in a van, organizing your space is vital. Organizing your storage areas and maximising every inch is essential. You can use cube shelving for vans to organise your space.

Items that you use daily should be within easy reach and things you don't use as often are placed in areas that are difficult to reach. We maximized every corner of our van, making use of unused space.

Let's discuss some of the most effective van storage ideas in this post.

If you're looking to maximize your van's space, we hope this will be helpful!


1. Under the Bed Platform

Ensure your bed platform has ample storage underneath by making it tall enough. We can easily store all of our bulkier items since the bed is two feet above the ground. You can build a pullout bed frame. Even the storage underneath can be accessed this way.


2. Bedside Storage Shelves and Cup Holders

In the space between your bed and the van's walls, it is helpful to install shelves that can store everything you need nearby. If you are on your bed, you can access your phone and other things very easily. You can also build wall-mounted bottle caps to keep your bottles nearby.


3. Front-Access Storage Compartments Over Wheel Wells

Often, the space around the wheel wells becomes wasted space, making it hard to use. Build storage compartments above each wheel well of our van so that they are easy to access from the front. You can keep things like your yoga mat and other stuff.

The storage compartments are convenient for hiding things out of sight while letting you access them easily.


4. Front and Back Closets Under High Topper

Mostly vans have little storage cubbies above the rear bench seat. Behind them you will be able to see spacious shelves in these areas that are suitable for storage. You can choose to build a pantry over the front cab and a closet for your clothes in the rear.

You can turn them into storage spaces by first lining them with reflective tape and reflective sheets.

Food and clothes will be well organized in your pantry and closet, while you'll still have plenty of living space inside the van. Although this idea applies to high-top conversion vans, it would also work on sprinters and other high-roof vehicles.


5. Storage Boxes Attached to Doors

When the side doors are closed, you will notice that there is a lot of vacant space above the steps into the van. By attaching storage boxes to the doors, you can fill it. These storage boxes make great use of otherwise wasted space. On one side we keep your trash, while on the other side we keep your pet's food or accessories.


6. Knick Knack Tray On Top of Fridge

Plan to place the refrigerator between the driver and passenger seat when planning your kitchen layout. In addition to being the most space-efficient location, it also added a nice table for resting phones, keys, snacks, cables, and other knick knacks. Attach a velcro-attached tray to the top of the fridge to prevent everything from sliding around. That way, we can keep everything within reach while driving.

Small spaces make everything louder. When you don't utilize all the available storage space in your van, it is easy to let things get cluttered. Our storage solutions should give you some inspiration and ideas for your own build.

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