The Ultimate Checklist for Moving Interstate

08 March 2021 Contributed by: admin

Moving to another state can be an overwhelming experience. It’s a huge mission that requires a lot of organisation, pre-planning, and dedication. You will need to complete a number of tasks to get your interstate move underway, which is why we have created this checklist. Take a deep breath, complete these tasks one at a time, and check them off as you go. In no time, you will be fully prepared for your interstate move.

1. Visit the Place

Before you even decide to move interstate, there is one important thing that you must do – visit the place. Say you’re considering moving interstate from Melbourne to Brisbane, for example. If you have never been to Brisbane, or it’s been a long time since you’ve checked the place out, you should visit before making this massive decision. You may discover that you don’t enjoy the climate, the traffic, a whole range of things.

Plus, your trip to the location you’re considering moving to gives you the chance to check out different suburbs and areas that you’re thinking of buying a house in. Sometimes the reality can be very different from your online research of the area. Even if you’ve visited the city before, it’s likely that you never made it out to the suburbs that you may end up living in.

2. Look at Schools in the Area

If you have kids that are at school or will be soon, then you need to take into account the nearby schools. Will the state you want to move to have good schools for your children to attend? If not, you may want to consider living in a different suburb near a good school or moving to a different state. When you visit the state you’re moving to, that can be an excellent opportunity to head over and check out the schools in person.

3. Create A Moving Budget

The cost of moving is difficult to define because there are so many components. From hiring premium interstate removalists to packing materials and packing boxes, there are many associated costs. You may think that the price of hiring movers is high but remember that many provide packing boxes and materials for you, so you need to work that into your pricing estimates if you don’t go with movers. Plus, if you complete the move on your own, you will still need to hire a truck and get people to help you lift the heavier items. It is usually far more cost-effective to just hire movers but do the math for yourself and create a budget of what you’re willing to spend to move interstate.

4. Buy or Rent a Home

One of the most crucial aspects of the move is finding a house to buy or rent. This is what will usually dictate the timeframe of your move. Many people are ready to move for months before they find the ideal house in their new state. So, start looking at homes far earlier than you think you need to, as it could take you a while to find the right one for your family. Don’t leave it until too late, because once you book the moving truck, your date will be locked in. You don’t want to end up with nowhere to go when you get to your new town.

5. Start Packing Early

Once you’ve got your moving date sorted, it’s time to start packing – no matter how far away your move is. You can never start packing too early! Just make sure that you don’t pack anything away that you use all the time. For example, if it’s summer, then keep your summer clothes out, but you can definitely start packing your winter woollens. This also provides you with the opportunity and extra time to declutter as you pack. As you place items in their boxes, consider whether you really use these things. If not, take them out and put them in a pile of stuff to be donated. This will give you fewer boxes to move, which can be cheaper.

6. Plan Your Travel

If you are hiring professional interstate movers, then you know how your stuff is getting to its new location. But you still need to plan your own arrival. You could drive, depending on how far away the state is from your current home, but many people choose to fly. It’s up to you, but if you have pets, it may be better to drive if you can. If you need to take your pets on a plane instead, just make sure that you check with the airline ahead of time that you can do this.

7. Let Everyone Know

It’s time to start filling out those change of address cards! Or, you could start writing some emails if you prefer not to do it the old-fashioned way. No matter which method you use, you need to start letting people know that you’re moving away. Not only will you need to notify your family and friends, but make sure that you inform relevant local government agencies as well. This may include updating your address on your driver’s license, with Centrelink, and more.

8. Choose a Moving Company

Selecting which company you will trust with all of your possessions can be tough. Here’s our advice; select a company that specialises in interstate moves. Interstate moving has a lot of different considerations than if you were just moving across the city. For example, furniture and boxes must be protected well in the moving truck to prevent items from breaking or getting damaged. Experienced interstate movers will know to come prepared with moving blankets to artfully insert between your furniture. This stops the pieces from scratching on each other as your stuff moves around in transit. Make sure that you book your moving company as soon as you know the date you need to move, as slots will fill up quickly.

Have you ticked everything off this checklist for moving interstate? Then congratulations, you are now prepared to move.

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