9 Costly Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

21 August 2019 Contributed by: admin

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Who considers moving to be a fun activity? We believe hardly anyone.


No matter how hard people try to make their DIY process a hit, there are certain areas where they all make mistakes. Call it lack of experience or expertise. We have witnessed people complaining about certain problems they face in their moving process. We understand that relocating process can take effort, time, dollars and in return gives you a lot of stress.


To help you make your moving process seamless, we have noted a few recurring mistakes. After all, you don’t have to learn everything the hard way just like driving and cooking.


1. Avoid Last time Packing

Packing your belongings is not something you can leave as of last time work. You might end up taking an hour to pack an area that you thought would take just 10 minutes. In this hassle, you may end up losing or breaking your belongings. This is why a professional moving company like Move My Stuff recommended you to start the packing process several weeks ago. You can make a plan on how to pack your belongings to stay organized throughout the process.


2. Not Dedicating Time to Look For House Movers

You can find multiple moving companies online but not all of them don’t offer the same quality standards. Not researching for a company can make your moving process stressful and sometimes turn the process into a nightmare. You should always dedicate your time to look for home removals that are reputed and reliable rather than going for cheap movers in Brisbane. But how to do that? Start by getting estimates from at least three companies before hiring them. Afterward, do check the review and testimonial of their customers for estimates and information. You don’t want to take a risk by going with the first name that comes up in your Google search result.


3. Going the DIY way

Hiring a removal company isn’t that cheap but it is worth your money, time and headaches it saves you. Doing DIY and even taking help from your relatives and friends can become a time consuming and labor-intensive task. If you have antiques and expensive items with you, then just don’t take the risk of doing it yourself. People realize this mistake when they are halfway through the process of moving. This major mistake costs them money and time.


4. Label your Boxes

No matter how much time it takes, you should label your boxes while packing your belongings in them. This method will eventually save you time when you are unpacking. Also, the removalists can take utmost care to move your fragile and valuable items.


5. Storing unwanted items

Moving is a great time to declutter your belongings and even more important if you are moving to a smaller place. Hold a garage sale or donate these unwanted items. It is recommended to create a checklist that has everything that you want to keep before beginning with the packaging process.


6. Forgetting to Take Measurement

This goes without saying. It’s really easy to forget the measurement if you haven’t noted it down. This way it will be easier for you to create a floor plan at your new place. You can save cost and headaches by taking out time to measure things in advance.


7. Not maintaining a record of receipts

Don’t just throw away the receipt after purchasing like we always do. Maintaining these receipts can not only help you track your expenses, but you can deduct some of the moving expenses from taxes. So, maintain a separate file to keep the receipt aside for later.


8. Procrastinating to transfer your utilities or to redirect your mail

Well, this step indeed needs time that is why we recommend everybody to do it a month before the move. You just need to pay a visit to the post office and fill the form to change your mailing address. Afterward, contact your utility providers to either cancel or reschedule the facility to the new place. You can fix a date to terminate the service and start it at your new home.


9. Don’t Forget to Carry a Moving Essential Bag

Have you faced a situation when you find difficulties in finding the basic items? Even if you haven’t, you don’t want to face one. We recommend you to pack your useful items in a small duffel bag or wherever you find it apt to store. These items are something that is required in your everyday use. If you don’t pack them separately, you might have to unpack every box to look for them and that may make your unpacking process difficult.

And the last and important tip- don’t forget to make maintain a record of your spending. Add up all the additional cost like packing and days you took off from your work. The moving process doesn’t have to be a drag. Just plan ahead of time and avoid these mistakes that can cause you headaches. While you can’t be guaranteed everything will still go fine, at least you have your basics covered.