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05 March 2020 Contributed by: admin

Having the dream of having a home that is high end and affordable at the same time. However, certain ways are both affordable and will help you have the home of your dreams. Services such as everforex can be used to fund your home design needs. During the past decades, many interior home designers have shared tips and tricks that give homeowners some form of insight on what to do to achieve an elegant looking home without spending too much of your hard-earned money. Ranging from adding pillows to your bedroom or the living room sofa to something like a new fresh coat of paint and getting your windows treated using the latest window treatment techniques, these are the simplest form of solutions that every homeowner should start from. You might be thinking, how can I achieve the home of my dreams without breaking the bank? Do not worry, as today, we are going to share with you some fascinating home design ideas that you can implement to your living space and achieve the house of your dreams that you thought would not be possible to achieve. These tips are listed as follows;1


1. Crown Molding

The little details are key when it comes to having a high-end and custom looking living space. That detail is considered as crown moulding. Crown moulding is used to make a room or space look finished and complete. It gives the ceiling and walls an elegant look and binds them together so that they do not look out of place. If this is not done in a room, it looks incomplete, out of order, and cheap. Being inexpensive, crown moulding can be done by people that have any sort of budget available to them, especially the ones that are made from plastic. There are many types of crown mouldings available to choose from on the market. There are also different types of widths of crown moulding that you can choose from, but, to make a bigger impact, try to buy the widest crown moulding trim that you can afford. For making a finished looking home, consider adding different types of moulding to every room inside your house; like crowns, columns, ceiling beams, and other related mouldings.


2. Paint

Choosing what type of paint colour to have is probably the most difficult decision a homeowner has to make when they are decorating any room inside their house. You will have to decide to choose the right colour that goes well with the décor of the room. However, if you have dreamed of having an elegant and sleek looking home, there are certain paint colours that you should take into consideration. Either a bold and dramatic or a soft type of colour with understated hues should be considered. This understated hue will let you add a certain elegance to your home, however, it all depends on what your preference is, and which colour goes well with your personality. Getting your doors painted with darker colours also shows a certain level of elegance as well, without being too heavy on your wallet. If you decide to paint your doors in darker paint colours, be sure to add accessories that complement the darker colours to bind the design and avoid things looking out of place.


3. Window Treatments

Getting your windows treated is the most budget-friendly way to add elegance to your house along with high levels of privacy. Homes that don't have treated windows often look cheap and unfinished. You would have to make really smart choices when selecting what type of window treatment you want to get done. It is best to stay away from unlined materials that look very cheap and are flimsy, even if these materials are considerably expensive. Also, avoid see-through materials. You can look at stores that sell off the rack curtains as they can be a good option as well. A lot of companies offer blinds that look elegant and are cheap and last a long time. Also, consider sticking to drapes that are made from silk, cotton, or linen as they look the most elegant. If you are someone that does not like drapes, you should go for wooden shutters made out of bamboo. At the end of the day, just make sure you dress your windows properly and with something that you like that makes your home look like the house of your dreams.


4. Furniture

Having the right type of furniture is crucial in making any home look elegant and sleek. It is something that a person should spend most of their budget towards, as cheaply priced furniture ends up looking cheap and will fall apart in a short amount of time. Due to this, cheap furniture will cost you more as you will have to replace it time and time again. Wooden furniture is the way to go if you want to add elegance to any room inside your house. If you want a piece of furniture that looks elegant and is at a lower price, you should consider looking at second-hand stores, estate auctions or consignment stores. Consider getting the furniture you buy from such places reupholstered, as they would be damaged from previous use. This money you save from buying really expensive and new furniture will let you spend that money saved on getting it repaired or reupholstered.


5. Considered Hardwood Instead Of A Carpet

If you have always dreamed about having floors made of hardwood, then you can accomplish it, even if you have a low budget allotted to how much you can spend on flooring. Carpeting will always be comparatively cheaper than hardwood flooring, however, it makes a space look soft and warm. Going with hardwood will add a touch of elegance to your home. Getting actual wood is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance and you should stay away from it if you are working with a tight budget. However, if you want to have the same effect, consider purchasing the best type of floor laminates on the market. It will look the same as actual hardwood and will cost a fraction of the money. It will also require some upkeep, as it can easily get scuffed and would need replacement on the panel, where the damage has occurred. If you can afford to buy real hardwood, you will have a lot of different types of wood to choose from. Many types of woods are more expensive than others. However, either go for cherry or oak if you want to keep the prices down.


6. Lighting

People often go for the most commonly used light fixtures and do not think about changing things up when it comes to lighting inside a house. They go with fixtures that they have been using over and over again just to play things safe. However, there are many designer light fixtures available on the market that will add a certain level of elegance to your house. Victorian styled light fixtures are the best possible option as they offer the most elegance and go well with darker paints. However, these cost a lot of money and can be upwards of around 200 dollars per piece. For people on a tight budget, they should look in second-hand stores or flea markets to try to find something that they like. If you end up buying something from such places, a little buffing and cleaning will be required to make the fixture look as good as new. At the end of the day, it is all about what you like and what your preference is.


7. Accessorize

Going with the minimalistic approach is all fine and good, but to add luxury and elegance and make your house the house of your dreams, you should consider adding different types of accessories to your living space. The budget has to be considered before you even think of accessorizing your home and how much money you intend to allot to it. Ranging from gold picture frames to even gold-framed mirrors, There are many different types of accessories available on the market that will be easy on your wallet. When you think of being rich, gold is something that comes to a person’s mind. Consider accessorizing your home with gold plated accessories like gold-legged tables, mirrors or picture frames if you want to add luxury and elegance to your home. Also, adding greenery such as small plants and bushes completes everything.


The Final Words

Many people visit their friends or relatives' homes and get inspired by the taste they have in home design, but this does not mean you cannot apply the same design techniques to your own home. As we have discussed above in this article, things like what type of paint, flooring, accessories, and furniture you put inside your home will greatly contribute to your home looking elegant. Before you even consider buying such things, set aside and allow a budget that you will spend on each aspect of your home and make decisions smartly. Today, we have shared with you some inspirational home design ideas that you can apply to your home to make it look expensive and elegant on even a tight budget.

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