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Our interstate moving cost calculator is professionally designed where you can calculate the estimated cost of residential as well as commercial move, extremely easy and convenient to use.

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Moving out from one place to the other is a hassle. Some do it on their own and mess things up while others take a smart way and hire removalist.

Have you tried moving one from one state to the other on your own?

I have. And man was it a bad idea! Some of my stuff got broken because of the improper packing while some got mixed up so bad in boxes that I’m I found my liquor bottles and the kitchen lighter in the same box. Not my proudest moment.

After that, I took an oath to let the professionals do their job, even if it means shedding some extra bucks.

Paying a removalist when you want to move is totally worth it. It would save you from the headache of packing, your things would reach to your new home safely, and it would be quite easy to unpack and settle down since all your stuff would be in the designated boxes & duly marked.

But hiring a great power comes with a great moving cost. But it sure has great benefits too, as mentioned earlier.

You can try an interstate moving cost calculator to help determine an approximate relocation cost. This moving cost calculator is professionally designed where you can calculate an estimate of residential as well as commercial move, extremely easy and convenient to use. Alternatively, if you are moving locally or within the suburbs then use Melbourne Removal Cost Calculator.

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About Moving Cost Calculator

Everybody knows that moving can be overwhelming, difficult and expensive. If you haven’t moved before then calculating the cost can be tricky. We help you prepare financially for any kind of move. There are many things you should take into consideration such as availability, equipment, fuel expenses, distance, and market demand. To help you take difficulties out of your moving process, we offer a moving cost calculator that estimates your moving cost. This will help you get an idea about how much your interstate or local move will cost you.

This cost calculator will make moving budget planning easier for you as you will know the approximate cost in advance. People have been using this interstate move cost estimator in Australia to stay within the limits and cut down on unnecessary purchases.

How to use moving cost estimator?

Our interstate moving cost estimator can give you an idea about the rate for hiring professional movers, freight, containers, and rental trucks. All you need to do is choose some basic options to get an estimate of your moving.

  1. Enter the pick-up location and the destination location. You can also enter the pin codes instead of the location name.

  2. Now choose the property type you are currently living in and the total number of bedrooms.

  3. In the next option, enter a tentative moving date and an approximate time of the move. You can change it later if needed.

  4. If you need any additional relocation services like packing, storage facility, assembling the furniture, or anything else, please choose the appropriate option or describe your additional needs in the text box provided.

  5. Complete the form by filling out your name, contact number, and email address. We will directly send the estimated cost to you.

What is an average cost to move interstate in Australia?

On an average, to move 1000 miles a 2 to 3 bedroom furniture & other belongings, it would cost you around $5000. This rate is for a reputed removalist who would take care of your items in the best possible way. However, an average cost generally depends on the type of services you want, it can be divided into the following packages:

Basic Removalist Services: Removalists provide different services and quote will be based on the type of service and amount of goods required. The average reported cost for such removal service is $1000-$4500.

Removalist Specialist Services: On top of the basic services Removal Company offers you with additional special service to reduce your moving load. Moving to and from a house differ when you are moving to an apartment that has lifts, parking, stairs that needs more effort to organize. Usually, people moving from apartment pay less than people moving from a house.

What Are You Hiring A Removalist For?

Removalists have broken down their services to many sub-categories. Not everyone wants a full-fledged service. Some people want to pack their stuff on their own and hire a removalist just for transportation purpose.

While others want removalists to do the packing & loading while they transfer the stuff in their own truck. Accordingly, removalists have sub-categorized their services. For instance:

  1. Providing packing boxes, tapes & packing your stuff

  2. Loading (and unloading)

  3. Transportation

  4. Temporary storage

  5. Unpacking

  6. Cleaning your old and new house

  7. Transportation of pets

You can hire a removalist for all these on any of these services. Or if you are feeling like a superman who can do some of the jobs, you can DIY some of the following as per your requirement:

  1. Arranging boxes & packing stuff

  2. Cleaning the old or/and new house

  3. Transport & unpack

  4. Take your pets with you

You will be charged as per the services you’ll purchase. But again, just a reminder, I tried to be superman and ended up regretting it.

Moving Cost Aspect

As described earlier, moving charges are as per your requirements. But there are some other factors which affect your moving out cost:

  1. Basic Fees: It is the basic fee that removalist charges and it varies widely with the distance. It consists of fuel charges, the time required and accordingly labour charges.

  2. Supplies: You would require some material like boxes (of various sizes), tapes, bubble wraps, scissors, markers, packing paper, etc. to pack your stuff. Removalists have a full set of these supplies but this would cost you extra.

  3. Packing Fee: If you choose to hire the packing services, you would be charged for labour.

  4. Size & Quantity of the Items: The bigger the better doesn’t apply here. The heavier your belongings are, the heavier you will have to spend. Taking a lot of furniture requires bigger vehicle & extra labour (depending on the weight).

  5. Storage: If your new home isn’t ready yet but you have to hand over your existing place, you would need a temporary storage to keep your stuff till the time your new place gets ready. The storage would cost you extra on per night & shipment size basis.

  6. Distance: The farther you need to move, the costlier it will be. In the case of interstate moving, you would also need to pay toll taxes.

  7. Insurance: If you want to get your items insured in case of an accident or some other mishap, it would cost you extra. But I highly recommend you do. I’m sure your belongings worth a lot in terms of money, so it is always wise to be safe than to be sorry.

  8. Extra Demands: In case you have some specific request which doesn’t cover the aforementioned stuff, like moving out of a pet, you would have to pay extra as per your removalist’s policy.

These were some of the things which affect your cost when you move from one place to the other. If you want the shifting to be handled without any sort of hiccup, do take the entire package.


Now that you have read about what and how to let’s talk about how much. A good removalist doesn’t come cheap. But considering the hassle that it would save you and the safety of your belongings, it would totally be worth it.

Following are some rough estimations which will tell you how much it will cost you to move interstate if you hire a removalist.

Per Hour Rate

  1. $100 per hours for moving light & small items

  2. $245 per hour for a three bedroom house

  3. $315 per hour for a four bedroom house

Lump Sum Rates

  1. $300 for small & light items

  2. $1500 - $2000 for a two bedroom house

  3. $2200 - $3200 for a four bedroom house


I think it is safe to say that hiring a professional for a job is a sane thing to do. Else there’s a good chance that you’ll have to settle down in your new home with a broken coffee table. It’s true that opting DIY you’ll be saving a lot of bucks but then the risk factor would also increase. It’s anytime better to pay a couple of thousand dollars than to gamble on the safety your hard earned household stuff.

Hope you liked our interstate moving cost estimator. Don't forget to share it with our friends or relatives. You can also email us directly if you have any kind of suggestions for us info@movemystuff-interstate.com.au.

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