Prepare for a Move Like a Pro: the Ultimate Move Planning Guide for Busy Families

19 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

After years of searching, have you finally found your dream house in your ideal location? If so,
congratulations! Now comes the hard part: packing all your possessions up in preparation for
your new place. If only life paused for a bit and allowed you to do it at your own pace, right?
Packing up and moving is a challenge on its own. It&; seven more challenges gave the whole
family is busy with everyday activities and obligations.
But you don&;t have to worry: we’ve got you covered! We made this moving reference guide just
for you. You&; ll be able to get things done efficiently and on time, even with a full schedule.

Know the timeline for the move.

Thankfully, relocating doesn&;t happen in an instant. It&;s a process that includes various events,
but you probably have an idea of when things need to happen. That means you&; ll have plenty of
time to make a plan on how to prepare for such an undertaking. Moving is not just about
packing your items and going to your new home. It's also about finding new schools for your
kids, coordinating with your new workplace, researching movers, and so on. Make a rough
timeline or order of events for your peace of mind. Even if things change later, you have a
starting guide on potential situations and a game plan for handling them.

Schedule packing items on specific days.

Do you know why packing up all your possessions may seem overwhelming? Well, because it
is! It certainly is if you try to cram everything in one day. Since you know your daily schedule,
you can block off days and times for packing specific items or areas. As you can see in this
moving checklist, you don&;t have to do everything in one sitting or even one day. Since you
won&;t be moving instantly, you can pack up steadily. We recommend starting first with items
your family doesn&;t use every day or objects already stored away. Schedule a few days for attic
or basement items, for example, and then move to more trafficked areas. Gradually, the only
things remaining will be your necessary, everyday items.

Get the whole family involved.

Everyone in the family may be busy, but that means no one has a good excuse to slack off! If a
parent is busy with work, they&; ll have to carve out time intentionally. The same goes for another
parent that may be working or managing the household. In fact, the children should be involved

too! It will be a less stressful experience if each household member packs their personal
belongings. This action also helps members know where specific things are stored and reduces
time searching for misplaced possessions. Each person can further decide which articles to
bring and which items to donate or throw away.

Coordinate for the new place, too.

You might end up being so focused on saying goodbye to your old home, you forget about
saying hello to your new one. Way before the move, make sure your new place is ready to be
lived in by your family. If you can hire someone in the new location to prepare it, go for it. That
saves you a lot of travel money going back and forth to check on the place or do minor upkeep.
At least when you arrive, you only have to worry about unpacking everything and not making
time-consuming improvements. Furthermore, you&; ll more than likely know the layout of your new
home, so keep that in mind when labeling boxes or preparing to unload the moving truck.

Don&;t forget the car!

People often concentrate so much on things in the house that they neglect plans for their
vehicle! It&;s fine if you only have one car and plan to drive during the move. But what if you have
more than one car? Or what if it&;s more convenient for the whole family if you fly instead? What
are the options for safely transporting a personal vehicle to a new location? The easiest thing to
do is research how to ship a car to another state. While many companies provide that service,
it&;s important to find out which ones are the best. After all, you will be leaving an expensive item
in their hands. Look at business reviews and others&; experiences before sealing the deal. Also,
remove all personal belongings from the vehicle and ensure your insurance is updated. If any
damages occur along the journey, you want to be sure you&; recovered.

Hire professional and trusted movers.

It might be tempting to scrimp on costs when moving and try to handle everything yourself. But
there are other ways to save money that don't threaten your sanity! When moving your family
and assets, it's worth spending a little extra and saving a little stress. After all, moving to a new
place is stressful enough already. Hire experienced and professional movers who have years of
practice and an excellent track record. Professional movers know how to strategically pack your
prized possessions on their moving truck, so nothing gets damaged in transit. This special care
is especially important if you&; removing quite the distance. And getting someone to do all the
heavy lifting will definitely be a plus!
Ready to get started? Just follow our ultimate move planning guide, so you don&;t forget anything
important. Relocating your busy family is no small feat. But with some careful planning, you&; ll
end up with a worry- and stress-free moving experience.

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