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House Moving & Office Relocations

Move My Stuff is a leading preference for Melbourne customers for house & apartment moving, office moving, office relocations and business deliveries. With several years of experience!

Interstate Removalists Melbourne

House Moving & Office Relocations
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Removalists Melbourne to Sydney

If you want to move from the modern streets of Melbourne to the bustling and joyful city of Sydney with an abundance of scenic beauty with the right amount of modernism, our removalists will help you with transporting all your goods in well-packed condition through the journey of around 9 hours.

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Removalists Melbourne to Adelaide

Are you looking for the perfect removalist to help you move to the ‘city of churches’, Adelaide? We provide an end-to-end service that starts with packing all your goods at Melbourne, transporting it safely to Adelaide through the 10-hour road journey and unpacking it at your new location and help you set up your new home!

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Removalists Melbourne to Brisbane

When shifting from Melbourne to the Brisbane, which is 2000 km away, you can require some assistance to transport all your goods and that’s where we come in. We help you to transport all your furniture and items safely through this long distance travel and set up your new home in Brisbane.

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Removalists Melbourne to Canberra

Canberra, the capital of Australia is a city with no shortage of nightlife and with beautiful cafes present everywhere you look. So if you are planning to make a move to it from Melbourne, our removalists will be available for your assistance to get things on the road fast!

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Removalists Melbourne to Newcastle

Living in the sunny city of Newcastle with the warm beaches and quaint old cafes is something that many dreams of. And if you have got the opportunity to move to Newcastle, don’t let the stress of moving damper your excitement! Let us take care of all the hassles of the relocation and you can bask in the happiness all throughout the move!

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Removalists Melbourne to Albury

If you are moving towards new employment opportunities to the city of Albury, located at a distance of a short drive of 4 hours from Melbourne, we can make things much easier for you by helping you with the relocation.

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Removalists Melbourne to Gold Coast

We deliver 7 days a week and provide furniture delivery service to several furniture stores in Melbourne region. We offer flexible delivery runs to suit your business requirement and all our trucks come with 2 professional removalists and are equipped with necessary tools for furniture assembly.

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  • Qualified & Insured Drivers
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  • GPS tracked fleet
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  • Free Blankets & Ropes
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Move My Stuff
Stress-Free Interstate Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Are you looking for a completely relaxed relocation that scarcely feels like a work?

Leave it to us! With our team of experienced and highly skilled removalists, we take care of all the little details to make sure that your new house looks all set and ready to start living.

If you are moving anywhere in Australia and are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time and energy you have to put in to move all your furniture and goods to a new place, don’t worry. Our experts from the Interstate Removalists will guide you through every step of the way or even better, do all the moving works for you!

We make sure that all your furniture is packed properly with the high-quality packing materials specially brought by us. Our packers are well-versed in employing different packing techniques according to the type of goods you want and our strong packing withstands any type of arduous journey on road. Our movers are experts in handling your goods like it is our own and take every precaution required considering any unpredicted problems that may arise during the relocation. Overall, we provide a comprehensive relocation package including packing, moving and also unpacking your goods at the new location and even go an extra set and help you set your new house with the furniture!

How Much It Costs to Move Interstate from Melbourne?

Relocating in Australia can be a hassle especially if you are new and you do not have any idea of how it works. There are a lot of moving companies in Australia that may offer different packages and promise all kinds of services and it is up to you to choose the best one.

If you are looking for a reliable removalists service that gets your job done under your budget, then Interstate Removalists is the right option for you. If you aren’t sure, give us a call and inquire about the services that we offer.

We prefer to keep our communication lines open and honest. We will inform you about the kind of services that we offer beforehand because after all, you have the right to know what you get. You can speak with our experts for free and get an idea of the estimate for your relocation. If you want a more specific estimate, you can place a request with us to visit your home and take an account of all things that need to be moved and give you a much accurate estimate with which you can make an informed decision.

Depending on your budget and the volume of items that need to be moved, we will recommend you the best and safe option to go with. If you want to go for the cheap options, you can backload your items with other goods going to the same location. For an honest and specific estimate, give us a call now!

Expert Movers
Expert Home and Office Interstate Movers from Melbourne

Every home and office is different and each requires specific attention, care and responsibility, and with it comes the customized services that are just right for your needs. Do you have antique furniture, aquarium, gaming consoles or office equipments, stacks of folders, tables and chairs? Whatever the kind of things you need to move, we make it happen.

There is nothing impossible when it comes to us. Our dedicated team will be fully available to help through every step of the way and committed completely with your interstate move. We make sure that every one of your valuable items is transported safely in a secure container to your location. We offer tailored packages that encompass and cater to your specific moving requirements including the type of goods that you want to move, the distance of travel and how quickly you want it to be delivered.

Our expert team has been hand-picked and highly trained to think on their feet and make practical decisions that make your moving process much simpler. Most of our removalists have been with us since we started and therefore, they can tackle any type of problem that is they face on the relocation. They are highly knowledgeable and know the nuances of a relocation process which will serve as an added advantage. Our packers and movers know what they do and will adapt to any kind of circumstance to make sure that every stage of your relocation happens on time.

How Long It Will Take and How It Works?

You can start by getting an estimate for your interstate move which will depend majorly on the volume of goods that need to be relocated and the distance for the transport. Once you have hired us for your relocation, one of our experts will visit your home to have an estimate of the type of vehicle that will be suitable. We have a fleet of trucks of various capacities that are fully secured and equipped with the latest technology for a comfortable transportation.

Once the moving date is fixed, our packers will come in with all the necessary packing equipment and start the process. You don’t need to do any kind of work and can just relax and let our packers do their magic. According to the type of materials, they use the relevant packing materials and get your things loaded in the trucks safely.

Now comes the movers who will, with extreme caution, transport all your goods to the new location. You will be constantly updated about the status of the move and once we reach the new location, we will unpack all the things and arrange it in your new house as you see fit.

Depending on the place where it should be relocated, the duration of your move will be determined. Approximately, on an average, it takes around 2 to 4 days to move your things anywhere in Australia and we also have an option of speeding up the process as much as we can for last-minute relocation needs.

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Move My Stuff is a leading preference for Melbourne customers for house & apartment moving, office moving, office relocations and business deliveries.

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